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"To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong. "

- Joseph Chilbon Pearce

I have to remind myself about this everyday, specially lately, I guess a couple years ago I was more secure about the things that I do. I've lived moments in my life that make me feel so insecure about myself, my image, my work, my artistic work. I think I've been quite near of some bottom. It's something I'm recovering every day, it's constant struggle, but I still have some faith in myself that I can achieve something.
I'm starting slowly feeling better about myself, about my choices, about my life, and the way I see myself (or even other might see me). About my work I'm trying, most of the times I just give up in the middle of the process, I don't give everything that I have, and them I end up disappointed and unsatisfied.
One thing that I'm starting to do to change that is having some workshops in illustration. Also, in the next weeks (depending how much time I will or not have) I'm going to start another blog only with works of my own, but mostly with drawings from my sketchbooks.
Sorry for the little rant, anyway, hope you had a nice weekend!

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