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I am kind of addicted to this music.
And oddly enough, before yesterday, when I started to listen more this music, I went "shopping" in my grandma's closet.

(at least I cease my obsession for The Lord of the Rings)

Bites and Bits - Where I have been lately

Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa | 27.02

Some days you feel like things are stuck, your life is stuck in the same place, and you can't leave the place where you are.
But then a small action can make you feel that there is some future, things can be slow, be going somewhere.

detail | Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa | 27.02

Projects pile up, slowly and slowly take shape.
Days pass by so quickly, more quickly than I can do the things I want to.
I have a lack of focus and personal organization. But I'm working on it...

seagul | Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa | 27.02

On other subjects, last week I went to Lisbon, and spend the morning near Jerónimos Monastery. I ate a pastel de Belém and saw two temporary expositions of the National Archaeology Museum. [QUINTA DO ROUXINOL. Roman kilns in the Tagus estuary and Global Change. and Technology atthe Origins of Agro-Pastoralism in Alto Ribatejo] I really enjoyed the museum, I will for sure return sometime soon.

Santuário de Fátima | 02.03

Then on Saturday went with my family to Fátima Sanctuary.
I'm not a religious person, but I respect others beliefs. It was very sad seen persons talking out loud in a place where is suppose to be a meditative place. It was even sadder seen a religious ceremony in the open sky and people on their cell phones.

The space around the Sanctuary is quite nice, specially the access to the parking lots. It was a small garden with such quite and calmness. The light was gorgeous, so as the blooming trees.

Nazaré | 02.03
After Fátima we drive to Nazaré for a quite late lunch on friend Restaurant - A Tasquinha.
Delicious food, good white wine and beyond excellent Port Wine.

Gambas à Tasquinha | Nazaré | 02.03
After lunch we enjoy the good weather and a small walk near beach.

until the next time... see you around...

The Streets of Óbidos

Óbidos | 08.February
I'm not sure if it's a matter of taste, or acquired style, but in my own photography I tend to like them more without human presence. Empty streets, nature and so on.
It might a reflection of myself, and how I see myself in the world... or just a question of opportunity.

Óbidos | 08.February

Castle & Town
The fortificafion has roman origins. It was also conquer by D. Afonso Henriques {first King of Portugal} in 1148.
It was rebuild multiple times over times.
The lands of Óbidos were always under the Queen’s of Portugal command.
It is one of the few castles in Portugal that still have complete exterior walls, that makes the town and the castle inseparable, magic and so unique.

Óbidos | 08.February
Óbidos | 08.February

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