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Bites and Bits 2016 | 05/52

This week I don't have much to share. I was still recovering and also trying to get back to normal life and work. So I guess it will be all about books.

I like to organize everything by colours... except my books. In books I prefer to organize them by genre/author or even theme. This photo was a challenge to create a rainbow with books. I don't have many books with colourful spines, so it was a little challenge. But fun anyway. From these 11 books I've only read 4, and I'm in the middle of 3 of them. I've read Seer of Sevenwater (5th book in the Sevenwater series), The Angels Game (this was my first English physical book, I bought it in Frankfurt airport when I was coming back from my Erasmus semester), The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera and Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I've started (but not finished yet) The Brand Handbook, Dracula and The House of the Dead by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
on another challenge on Instagram I was asked to choose the books I've read the most. Apart from some childhood books these where the only ones that I keep coming back over and over again. Two of my favourite comic artists (Hugo Pratt and Milo Manara) and two of my favourite female authors - Juliet Marilier and Nora Roberts.
I finally got in the mail two books that I've order on the end of December. Wind in the Willows it's a children's classic that I wasn't aware that were a book. I remember to see the TV movie (and maybe also the TV series) and love it. This is funny because looking back most of the cartoons and TV shows that I liked a lot were mostly English (British) and occasional Canadian/French, and I know that it still influences me as illustrator, I'm looking forward to read the book and re-watch the tv movie and series.
I'm collecting Classics that I don't have at home.  And when it's possible I choose the Penguin editions. I was looking for this book since I read 1984. Now I can finally read it. 
I'm currently reading these two books (among others). Both written by kick-ass female writers that are reference in the fantasy/horror genre. Since I found out that Interview with the vampire was a book series that I've been hunting the books down. Last year I bought many books of this series and now I'm starting them. I'm trying to read classics, not just novels and romances but also the pillars of today's fantasy. Of course Frankenstein had to be one of the books.
Although I'm from the land of Carnival (Torres Vedras), again this year I'm not in the spirit for it. I took some photos Friday and today, but comparing with other years they are too little and too blah. Completely not worthy of sharing. (January was a good month to read, soon I'll share all the books I've read).

Bites and Bits 2016 | 04/52

monday night drawing session with loads of watercolours experiments! (check my drawing blog to see the other drawings).

Usually I try to space out the photos during the week, but this week, most of them are just from the beginning of the week because I was down and sick for the most part of it!

on thursday I had a meeting and also went grocery shopping. the best part? I purchased some local sweets (very yummy sweet bean pastries)
It also arrived in the mail these cute illustrations by Inês Barros a fellow illustrator also from Portugal 
Also in the mail... At last I have my first Pantone!!!  ❤ ❤
I went to the art store and I was contemplating in getting more watercolours. But at the same time I didn't want to have a new set, I wanted new colours. The problem would then I wouldn't have a place to store them. Besides my local art store doesn't sell individual watercolour pans. So I find these acrylics, fell in love with these colours and bring them home! I also got a new water brush pen because the one that I have that is thinner is not holding it's shape any more.

In the days I wasn't capable of doing much (more about here) I read. Recently I wrote that I wanted to read a few authors in 2016. One of them was Thomas Harris. I started to read Hannibal (the 3rd book about Hannibal Lecter) and loved it! Also in the day I finish it I had a few nightmares about it... but I blame it on being sick and not being able to sleep well. I also started Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice in the following day (which also made have so nightmares... damm you nightmares! or damm you sickness!). And that's why over the weekend I only read romances to clear my head. More about my reading in the books read in January!

Authors I want to read in 2016

Probably I won't get to all of these authors during this year, but at least I would like to try.

Alan Moore
Alan Moore is well know for comics like Watchmen and V for Vendetta. I'm currently reading the comic From Hell which talks about Jack the Ripper. At least this one I want to finish. But I might grab other comic or even revisit one that I've read before.

Mike Mignola
Mike Mignola is the author to some of my favourite comics series. I love the drawings and stories from Hellboy (and all the sequels and side characters that derive from his world.) It's time to get back to world full of weird creatures and folk tales inspired stories. I'm particularly curious about the Witchfinder!

Anne Rice
For years I try to find Anne Rice books. Last year I collected a few from two different but connected series - The Vampire Chronicles and Lives of the Mayfair Witches. I'm worried that these books might be a little addicting, but it's time to leave that though behind and grab one of them!

Thomas Harris
Last year I read the two first books from the Hannibal Lecter series. I can't wait to read more about him in the next two books. (and somehow I also wish that there were more books about him, so far I'm loving the books and I'm also a huge fan of the movies with the ... as Hannibal Lecter).

Stephen King
I never though that I would be into second hand books. But now I am. I never thought I would appreciate old books with cheesy covers - but I do! Specially these editions that scream 80's! They might be old and battered but I love them! I think that they illustrate so well the stories that are inside and I only read the back cover. I'm not sure from where to begin but for sure I'm coming back to some more Stephen King.

Tess Gerritsen
I've only started these series this year, but I'm already addicted. I hope the next ones are as good as the first two (I will talk about The Surgeon and The Apprentice in Books Read in January post)

James Patterson (with Maxine Paetro)
I really like thrillers and crime books. These ones are short, easy and quick to read. I'm on the 6th book of the series and all books that I've read so far are always so unpredictable (at least most part of the book). The 14th book is already published and 15th one will be published this year!

Have you read anything from these authors? What do you recommend?

Bites and Bits 2016 | 03/52

When I purchased some new boots I reserved these ones too. (my number wasn't available at the time). These are for sure the most comfortable boots/shoes I own and since I got I barely used others.
I'm trying to spend more time in the studio (it's not working yet, but I'm making plans to change that). This one of the quirky storage cups that I have. Isn't he weird? My grandfather had this habit of collecting random things. I like to have some random ones around me in the studio. They remind me of him.
I'm a little late on the drawing challenge, but still doing it! I'm excited with new projects that are coming my way, where I will need to draw a lot. I'm also considering to change and improve Nuts for Paper products - so a lot of new drawings are coming my way. 
About owls... these we're created back in December. It's time to do some proper photos and share them!
Last week I've received The Art of The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien  and this week I got The Art of The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien. I'm so excited to proper read them! I've already sneaked in and the art is so amazing! 
In December I didn't read much. But this month I've been reading a lot! (next week I'll share all the books I've read). This one was the one started in the end of the week. The 6th Target - it's the 6th book in the Woman's Murder Club series written by James Patterson. 
Friday culminated in a visit to the post offices. Time to ship some orders to: USA, Canada, France, Belgium, Finland and Portugal! Most of them were 2016 planners but one of them was my first order of just badges! (yes, I still get excited with these little things!)

Bites and Bits 2016 | 02/52

I had a few meetings and appointments outside of the studio and I miss the studio... a lot
I started (and finished) this book. It was a page-turner. I was so into the story and the characters that I jumped into the second one in the series (you can see all the books I have in the series here)
The making of 2016 softcover planners. Yes, I'm still making planners.
and cutting and separating the inside of the planners.
One of the best things that arrived in the mail! I am so excited for this book! ❤ (oh and the illustrations are so awesome!)
One day of this week I had one of the oddest dreams. I dream that I had squirrels living in the studio backyard. When I woke I really wished it was true.
This was probably the only thing that I purchased in sales season. Two awesome beanies. (and I don't even care that they came from the men section of ASOS).

In the mail | New Book Series In my shelves

I've been eyeing these series for awhile. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the TV show (mainly the actresses who have the main roles) I really enjoy Crime and Detectives books.
You might know the tv show - Rizzoli and Isles. These book series are the original thing.
These are short books, easy and quick to read.

All these books are in softcover format (note to self to one of these days to write why I like these sort of book format), from the Bantam Press and where bought in second hand.*
I'm quite pleased with these covers, usually crime books have more heavy looking covers, but these ones are white and minimalistic. It's not very noticeable in the photos but the letters are of metalic tone (which I usually don't like very much) but work very well in this minimalistic design.

Rizzoli and Isles Book Series

1 - The Surgeon
2 - The Apprentice
3 - The Sinner
4 - Body Double
5 - Vanish
6 - The Mephisto Club 

* the only book that is little bit more damaged and dirty is The Apprentice. It's also the only one that looks that is from other edition, because the typography is very different from the other books. It's my less favourite cover of these.