Read in September'15

I've been back to reading a little bit more. I particularly re-discovered the pleasure of working while listening to audiobooks, or make a quick break with a chapter or two of a book.

1) Through the Woods (Graphic Novel with 5 short stories) by Emily Carroll
This Graphic Novel is amazing! The short stories are creepy and grab the attention. The artwork is BEYOND amazing. One of the favourites reads of this month.

2) Wytches (on going comic, this is vol.1) by Scott Snyder ( Author) and Jock (Illustrator)

3) The Lord of the Rings Sketchbook by Alan Lee
This books is full of amazing (mostly) pencil sketches for a Lord of the Rings Illustrations. It gives a different graphic perspective from the film, which I appreciate a lot.

4) Murder at the Vicarage (Miss Marple) by Agatha Christie
I've always love mistery and detective stories. This month I decided to start reading a few classics in this area. I grabbed two books by Agatha Christie. I decided not to go for the Poirot, because it's the one I'm most familiar with (although not through the books, but from the TV series), instead grab some Miss Marple mysteries.

5) The Body in the Library (Miss Marple) by Agatha Christie

6) The Cove (Audiobook) by Catherine Coulter
Finally decided to start this series of books by Catherine Coulter all related with FBI thrillers.
So far I'm liking the style. Although I listened to this audiobook (for moments) I felt I was watching and Hitchcock movie.

7) Forever Odd (Odd Thomas) by Dean Koontz
This is a series that I've started last year. I really like the character and all the paranormal and ghosts activity. It's a bit different from what I usually read (although it reminds me a lot an absolutely favourite which is Harry Dresden, from The Dresden Files Series by Jim Butcher). My only issue with the two books of this series I've read is that until a certain point in the story the pace is really fast and fun, and then it slows down so much, that it becomes almost dreadful. Maybe it's a style of the author, I'll have to read more to figure that out and maybe get use to it.

8) Boleia Arriscada (Short Stories) | Everything's Eventual 14 Short Stories by Stephen King
My favourite short stories (in order of appearance) "Autopsy Room Four"; "The man in the Black suit"; "Everything's Eventual" and "Riding the Bullet".
I've decided to skip the "1408" short story because I've seen the movie adaptation quite recently, and I still remember it (but I will read it someday). I've also didn't read "The Little Sisters of Eluria" because it does part of The Dark Tower series, which I'm not (yet) familiar with. I will read the short story, but only when I read the series.

9) O Senhor dos Aneis - A Irmandade do Anel (Audiobook) | The Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkein
Technically I didn't finish this one in September, but I'm counting in finishing in the following days. The narrators voice is very soothing and expressive. Sometimes I found myself discovering details that I never had notice before. I'm not sure if it's because it's the first time I'm contacting with the book in english, or it's because I read too fast - in portuguese and (most of the times) in english too (probably both).

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