In the mail ❤ loveteacupkisses

Mermaid | Marie Antoinette | Narwhal print and sticker - art by loveteacupkisses (Tatyana Vogt)

In the past couple of years I've been collecting art from some favourite illustrators.
I found Love Teacup Kisses or Tatyana Vogt through her Youtube channel and I fell in love.

In her shop I found some grab bags that had prints that just wasn't selling anymore, so I pick to mistery grab bags, and these were the awesome prints I got!

I love them all, but I have a soft spot for Frida, Marie Antoinette and the pin up girl.
What's your favourite art from Love Teacup Kisses?

You can find her: Youtube, Instagram, and Shop.

Sea creature - Octupus Girl (?) | Frida Kahlo | Ingrid from Game of Thrones (?) | Pin up girl - art by loveteacupkisses (Tatyana Vogt)

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