Bites & Bits of my week

This week was mix between busy week with a few relaxing moments at the same time.

Between custom notebooks - from sketches until almost the final product, through orders of address books and planners.

I love it. I just need to adjust a few things for this to perfect.

And that means get a routine. Yeap it's an old story around here. Get routine, do things, draw a lot, and sell a lot too. Among other things. I hope this month of August I can finally get into that.

Take advantage of my time and put up another store on etsy with a few things my grandma does. I've been promising that for a while now, and I haven't made it.

I've been reading a lot lately, and also care about book in general. That, for some reason, lead me to find a lot of youtubers who review books... I didn't even know that existed! Most of them are teenagers, but hey it's entertaining listening what they have to say.

For some reason I thought it was about time to organise my digital books... Yeah, it has been all weekend around it. Now I only have the one I really want to read, but still they need to be better categorized. Oh boy here I go again to that.

All photos of this post were took by me - can be seen originally in my instagram.

2 comentários:

  1. Mafalda, your notebooks are absolutely lovely!

    As for digital books, which obra do you recommend? I'm looking for new ones. :-D

    1. Thank you Catarina :D

      I'm not sure what sort of books you might enjoy most, so here's a few of them:
      I've recently read Gone Girl by Gylian Flyn - it's sort of mysterious thriller (and the movie will be released in October). -
      When I don't want to think to much and just read I have this tendency do grab anything written by Norah Roberts - it's usually light and romance oriented.
      One of my favourite authors is Juliet Marillier - one of her most know series is called Sevenwaters, but from her I recommend all of the books. I'm currently looking forward to read Shadowfell.

      I've just finished the "Along come a spider" by James Patterson, I can't say that I've love it because I kept all the time to compare it with the movie but it's a good thriller.

      I'm note remembering anything else to recommend right know, but you can always check my goodreads account for more books ;)