Apple Vanille o'clock Tea

And there are times like this, when it's necessary to one to sit down and take a look to what have accomplished. Sometimes people don't realize how far they have went, or how far they can go.
 I consider myself in a time that I needed to stop and re-evaluate my life choices, what I want to pursue, do and be in my future, either it be in the near future or in more long term sort of thing.

Apple & Vanille Tea, with chocolate cookies and Apple pout-pourri (made out of Tea)

It as been very hard to me to stay focus and accomplish what I self impose to myself. But I've been working on that and with slowly baby steps I'm moving forward.

Notes about The Focal Point, Schedule and Sketches of Ideas

In the past days I've been trying a new schedule, looking for new ways to keep myself on track, organized and focused. So far I think it's working... but I also know that's something that is on my hands, after all it will only work If I make it work.
I have plans and dreams that I'm working on to start to make them possible. This is just the beginning, a new one.

On a less serious note, I have been drawing more again. My mother asked me to draw something Halloween related. Which, after a little of pondering of what it could it be, I promptly did. I came up with a witch. It got to be one. After all they are just my type of favourite character in the horror/fantasy scene.

Check the work in progress in my drawing blog Scribbling Drafts: Halloween WIP
Hope your having a nice Tuesday, I'm looking forward for the 1st of November and for a well spend day with my family. Hope you have a nice time too.

Bites & Bits of a Sun day

Sun peeking through

Lunch!! ;)

and desert - Coffee, Port Wine and Broa

One of my favourite medals won by my grandfather on fishing competions

Care for a glass of wine? Can you see a letter here too? Or its just me?

My grandmother's backyard as loads of spider webs. When it's sunny they look just great. I don't like very much spiders (who does?) but their webs can be glorious!


Bites and Bits of my day...

Enquanto lá fora chove...

While it pours rain outside...

Cá dentro trabalha-se

I work inside...

e ouve-se
and listen to Beach House | photo from unknown author/source

Beach House

Anatomy of a Book | New Acquisitions

Long time no posting! I've missed doing this!
To begin this returning I'm going to start with some books I've recent acquire.
Funny, or not, they are all from the same editor, Saída de Emergência.

The first batch are from July
Spines per order| A Mão de Rasputine | Cidade Perdida | A Canção de Kali
Cidade Perdida [Lost City] by Clive Cussler & Paul Kemprecos | Detail from the cover

A Mão de Rasputine [The Rasputine Relic] by William M. Valtos | Detail from the cover

A Canção de Kali, Ed. Especial [Song of Kali] by Dan Simmons | Detail from the cover
 I had a lot of curiosity about the Song of Kali book, but odd enough, it's the one that I haven't read yet.
I've enjoyed the Clive Cussler writing and I'm already keeping and eye for others books wrote by him. They are very easy to read, intriguing and with a mixture of science fiction and thriller.
For last, I've read The Rasputine Relic last week, after a long time without reading nothing at all, and I've enjoy it as well. It's a kind of book that you don't know what will happen until the very end, and that chain you till the last page. I might write soon a in more deep review of the book.

The second one, is from the beginning of this month.
They are all from the same portuguese fantasy literature author David Soares. From him I've read Os Ossos do Arco Íris, that were a huge and pleasant surprise, and that I've spoke about before.
With these three David Soares came a 4th book, that is a completely another story, and that was an offer.

Spines of: | Lisboa Triunfante | A Conspiração dos Antepassados | O Evangelho do Enforcado
O Evangelho do Enforcado | Cover detail
A Conspiração dos Antepassados | Cover detail
Lisboa Triunfante | Cover typographic details

Spine detail | This book had two covers to choose, either the lizard option or the Fox. I've chosen the second one.
 The offered book was O Feitiço do Highlander [The Spell of the Highlander] by Karen Marie Moning. That I've read in the beginning of this week.

Spine | O Feitiço do Highlander
What about you, what have been reading?
See you soon!