Apple Vanille o'clock Tea

And there are times like this, when it's necessary to one to sit down and take a look to what have accomplished. Sometimes people don't realize how far they have went, or how far they can go.
 I consider myself in a time that I needed to stop and re-evaluate my life choices, what I want to pursue, do and be in my future, either it be in the near future or in more long term sort of thing.

Apple & Vanille Tea, with chocolate cookies and Apple pout-pourri (made out of Tea)

It as been very hard to me to stay focus and accomplish what I self impose to myself. But I've been working on that and with slowly baby steps I'm moving forward.

Notes about The Focal Point, Schedule and Sketches of Ideas

In the past days I've been trying a new schedule, looking for new ways to keep myself on track, organized and focused. So far I think it's working... but I also know that's something that is on my hands, after all it will only work If I make it work.
I have plans and dreams that I'm working on to start to make them possible. This is just the beginning, a new one.

On a less serious note, I have been drawing more again. My mother asked me to draw something Halloween related. Which, after a little of pondering of what it could it be, I promptly did. I came up with a witch. It got to be one. After all they are just my type of favourite character in the horror/fantasy scene.

Check the work in progress in my drawing blog Scribbling Drafts: Halloween WIP
Hope your having a nice Tuesday, I'm looking forward for the 1st of November and for a well spend day with my family. Hope you have a nice time too.

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