Bites and Bits of my Weekend | 3/4

February went gone really quick and this weekend flew away so fast!
On 1st of march I went for a well deserved coffee with my dear friend Sancha, there's nothing like share some friend gossip and giggles. I ended by spoil myself a little bit in a quick visit to H&M. (what's best for a rainy afternoon that some hot drink, friends and shopping to relax and clear ideas?). That's was the good part of the day, the bad part was that when I arrive home I my throat and my head were aching.
On Friday was better, but not feeling 100% right, so I stayed at home all day, hoping to be all good the next day. Yeah right, on Saturday, when woke up my throat was aching a lot, even more than on Thursday. I took some pills and dress cosy and warm to went out.
We went to your routine Saturday coffee by the seaside. I was not feeling very well, so after the coffee I just stayed in the car, instead of taking some photos to the foggy morning.
I ended to start to read one of the last books that I bought "Men Who Hate Women" by Stieg Larson (of which I will spoke better in another post).
After lunch I was feeling better, so went for a walk in the town. Ended up in one of my favourite shops Casa Ruim (Facebook and Website). Where I bought a couple of presents, some postcards from Crazy Cat&Dog People Collective Exhibition (you can learn more about the project in their facebook page) and a really cool notebook by Azul Caramelo (which sells products made in Portugal by Portuguese illustrators, and you can check more about them in their facebook and website). In case your wondering, I've choose the A5 notebook illustrated by Marta Monteiro (Blog and Portfolio) under the subject of the city: Coimbra.

Here's some video made by Casa Ruim with the Exhibition I mentioned above!

On Sunday, although I didn't slept much, because I was so hooked with the book, I woke up feeling way much better. After lunch went to the center of the city to take some pictures. It was procession, but I ended up just taking some photos to buildings and details.

and my favourite from that day...

We ended up skip the procession because we all had work to do. I confess that I didn't advance very much in my work, although I totally arrange and tide up my room. Clean my work space and end reading the book. And that was it my weekend.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend and a terrific beginning of week, see you soon!!

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