Bites and Bits of My Weekend | 10/11

The weekend came, and now it's almost gone, and a new week begins.

On Saturday I woke kind of early (way earlier than usual) and went to Lisbon to see a friend, that I don't see for some months.
Loads of good talk and some ramblings under a sunny day.
I was back home quite early, and it would be even earlier if the bus hadn't hit something on highway. I couldn't figure out exactly what happened. We waited half hour for another bus to come, and some minutes after I was at home.
After that I decided to go to Casa Ruim to a book signing with the illustrator Sara Osório.

  The authors talk about the book:

Oh I also brought home "Um dia Um guarda chuva" that I've mention in my last post Inspiration for the WeekEnd | 10/11

After that went to Santa Cruz to relax a bit and enjoy the sunset.

Sunday was a regular day, lunch with my grandma and hang out at home in very lazy way.
Hope you have a great week!

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