Inspiration for the WeekEnd | 10/11

Gosh, it's weekend time again. This week flew away.
Between classes, project and some shopping and the end of the week is here again.

In the beginning of the week I decided to challenge myself, the challenge is read a book for each week. Last week the book that I've read was "Men Who Hate Women" by Stieg Larson (also known as the "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"), of whom I hope write something about soon. Oh did I mention shopping? I've bought the last book of Millennium Trilogy, but I will be saving the two other books for later, because they are very addicting, and I have other books on hold for longer time. 

From the book: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength

This week book is a classic, "1984" of George Orwell. I started the book last year, but never ended reading it. Maybe because I have a feeling that it won't be a very fairytale and happy ending. But I've re-started it again, and hopefully I will read it all by the end of this week.

George Orwell broadcast to India for the BBC during World War II via
I'm also considering watch the film, which it's quite easy to watch online via google, or via BBC TV.
The film was release in 1984, and it's a UK production. (more info in IMDb - 1984)
 The main character is the actor John Hurt (playing the character Winston). So far, from the pictures I saw from the film, I quite like the photography, and usually UK film/series production don't disappoint me.

Winston Smith (actor John Hurt)
Winston and Julia (John Hurt and Suzanna Hamilton)
Continuing with a kind of book theme it's "A Day in the Life of an Umbrella". Original edition of Planeta Tangerina with text of Davide Cali and illustrations of Valerio Vidali. (blog)
I don't have the book, yet, but it's on my whishlist!
It all starts with: One day, somebody left an umbrella on the bus. A passenger used it to fend off a pickpocket and this was the prelude to all sorts of adventures. At the end of the day, and after many twists and turns, the umbrella ended up where you would least expect it.

Cover of the book | via Planeta Tangerina blog
via Valerio Vidali blog
And that's it for today, hope you have a nice weekend!

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