Bites and Bits of My Weekend | 17/18

Weekend is long gone, and it was a quite stressful one, where I didn't did not even half of what I had programmed. Besides, among a couple things that could go wrong, eventually did it.

Saturday started with a walk by the river, juts a couple of km, some photos and bring home some souvenirs (branches for decoration purposes). In the afternoon I've entertain myself by clear and arranging my room and workspace.

Sunday was a total NO day! We got up earlier than usual, so we could go to Lisbon to see a Museum, that I wanted to see. Yeah, we got there and it was closed, because they were assembling a new exposition. There were not any kind of info anywhere, I was so pissed off! That I didn't enjoy anything else, or even took photos.
We came back, and went to my grandma's house for lunch, but she was not feeling well. She felt dizzy, didn't want to eat anything, she almost faint and also throw up. We stay all very worried. She eventually start to felt better and we went home. She is not very old (she is in her seventies) but she has not been very well lately. She is waiting to be called for surgery in her reproduction organs. It's taking a while of time, she has pains, and she is also losing some blood and so. She was feel very well yesterday either, so she went to her doctor and did some blood tests. She went back there today, they are taking so long to call her for surgery, that now she as an infection. When my father told me about that I stayed pissed off again. In my idea some of the fault are from her doctors for not giving anything against infections before.
Sorry for the rant, I needed to write it somewhere.

On other hand Sunday wasn't a total lost day, in the late afternoon and evening, I manage to work a little bit for my Illustration classes. We are working in a illustration of a situation that could be in this book "A Day in the Life of an Umbrella" (that I mention in more deep in my Inspiration for the WeekEnd | 10/11).
I hope that I soon post a couple of some late works that I've been doing for some classes and workshops, keep an eye for it. (They will be in my other blog Scribbling Drafts, so if you're interested keep an eye for it there).

Yesterday I didn't want to get up, or go out of home. But I did it, I had my Illustration classes, and everything went smooth and normal, so by the end of the day I was feeling better.
I finished reading the book of the last week, which was The Godfather by Mario Puzo. I enjoy it a lot.
I was thinking that this week book could be Kafka Metamorphosis, but it is so small that in one hour I've read it. I will re read it, because it's going to be part of our next illustration exercise, but I will probably choose another book to be also the book of the week.
Have a nice week!

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