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I've been eyeing these series for awhile. Although I'm not the biggest fan of the TV show (mainly the actresses who have the main roles) I really enjoy Crime and Detectives books.
You might know the tv show - Rizzoli and Isles. These book series are the original thing.
These are short books, easy and quick to read.

All these books are in softcover format (note to self to one of these days to write why I like these sort of book format), from the Bantam Press and where bought in second hand.*
I'm quite pleased with these covers, usually crime books have more heavy looking covers, but these ones are white and minimalistic. It's not very noticeable in the photos but the letters are of metalic tone (which I usually don't like very much) but work very well in this minimalistic design.

Rizzoli and Isles Book Series

1 - The Surgeon
2 - The Apprentice
3 - The Sinner
4 - Body Double
5 - Vanish
6 - The Mephisto Club 

* the only book that is little bit more damaged and dirty is The Apprentice. It's also the only one that looks that is from other edition, because the typography is very different from the other books. It's my less favourite cover of these.

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