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Finally I've finished the book "Along Came a Spider" a thriller with the detective Alex Cross by James Paterson [it was also adapted to film - and the main character - Alex Cross was played by Morgan Freeman - you can watch the trailer here].

It took a lot more to read than I was expecting!

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This is my short review I wrote in Goodreads

Along Came a Spider (Alex Cross, #1)Along Came a Spider by James Patterson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is was my first time reading James Patterson. I enjoy it. But at the same time it was constant struggle to keep reading the book. Not because of the written, neither because of the story itself. But because I've seen the movie and kept comparing both things.

I think if I've read the book before watching the movie I wouldn't like the movie. The story of the movie is way more simple and kind of straight forward than the book. The story line and characthers are much more complex.

From the detective Alex Cross, to his family, from the Gary Soneji (the kidnapper of Maggie Rose) to the charecther of Jezzie Flanagan (Secrect Service supervisor), all the characthers have side stories, some even secret agendas. It's a great thriller.

I'll be for sure keep reading more Alex Cross thrillers.

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Back in 2011 I have made a small review from Kiss the Girls which is also inspired in James Patterson thrillers book with Alex Cross character.
For some reason I've never reviewed the Along Came a Spider.
I'm looking forward to read the rest of the Novels about Alex Cross, though I don't picture the character as Morgan Freeman when I read it. I might have to re-watch the "Kiss the Girls" to see if I connect it more with the character.

From what I recall from the Along Came a Spider as movie, the character of Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) is the main point in the plot (nor in the book, but in the book most of the chapters are told in the first person by Alex Cross himself). But though I really like the movie and the story, I've always felt there was something missing in some part of the stories, some parts that didn't make much sense, and know that I've read the book I know why.

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