The Streets of Óbidos

Óbidos | 08.February
I'm not sure if it's a matter of taste, or acquired style, but in my own photography I tend to like them more without human presence. Empty streets, nature and so on.
It might a reflection of myself, and how I see myself in the world... or just a question of opportunity.

Óbidos | 08.February

Castle & Town
The fortificafion has roman origins. It was also conquer by D. Afonso Henriques {first King of Portugal} in 1148.
It was rebuild multiple times over times.
The lands of Óbidos were always under the Queen’s of Portugal command.
It is one of the few castles in Portugal that still have complete exterior walls, that makes the town and the castle inseparable, magic and so unique.

Óbidos | 08.February
Óbidos | 08.February

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The Streets of Óbidos }

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