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Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa | 27.02

Some days you feel like things are stuck, your life is stuck in the same place, and you can't leave the place where you are.
But then a small action can make you feel that there is some future, things can be slow, be going somewhere.

detail | Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa | 27.02

Projects pile up, slowly and slowly take shape.
Days pass by so quickly, more quickly than I can do the things I want to.
I have a lack of focus and personal organization. But I'm working on it...

seagul | Mosteiro dos Jerónimos, Lisboa | 27.02

On other subjects, last week I went to Lisbon, and spend the morning near Jerónimos Monastery. I ate a pastel de Belém and saw two temporary expositions of the National Archaeology Museum. [QUINTA DO ROUXINOL. Roman kilns in the Tagus estuary and Global Change. and Technology atthe Origins of Agro-Pastoralism in Alto Ribatejo] I really enjoyed the museum, I will for sure return sometime soon.

Santuário de Fátima | 02.03

Then on Saturday went with my family to Fátima Sanctuary.
I'm not a religious person, but I respect others beliefs. It was very sad seen persons talking out loud in a place where is suppose to be a meditative place. It was even sadder seen a religious ceremony in the open sky and people on their cell phones.

The space around the Sanctuary is quite nice, specially the access to the parking lots. It was a small garden with such quite and calmness. The light was gorgeous, so as the blooming trees.

Nazaré | 02.03
After Fátima we drive to Nazaré for a quite late lunch on friend Restaurant - A Tasquinha.
Delicious food, good white wine and beyond excellent Port Wine.

Gambas à Tasquinha | Nazaré | 02.03
After lunch we enjoy the good weather and a small walk near beach.

until the next time... see you around...

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