Inspiration for the WeekEnd

As it became current, my Inspiration for the WeekEnd just come when the week is really ending, almost like it was inspiration for the next week. This time only with drawings and Illustrations.

Just Because there was two days I really sleep little, and today I've sleep all that I wanted ahah
Sleeping is healthy From Illustrator Alex Noriega in his blog Stuff no one Told me (but I learned anyway)
My sketch flash mobe
My sketch flash mobe By conjure_real ( Natalie Ratkovski)
creme de la creme
creme de la creme By petescully
ice cream
ice cream By gemma correll
halloween costumes
halloween costumes By gemma correll
Time stood still
Time stood still By Christophe Marchetti
Ilustration for Delta Cafe...
Ilustration for Delta Cafe... By rrrrricardo (Ricardo Cabral)
gateau chocolat and coffee
gateau chocolat and coffee By kumi matsukawa
IL34 — RANE By Francesco Franchi

Sting in the ear: Foo Fighters - Over and Out

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