Print the Graphic: Colaboratorium

I've like this design very much, mostly because of the cardboard and the typography, and also because of the logo, it's a fantastic double reading.

Designed by Andrea Avidad
Colaboratorium was born as a collective of ten graduting design and marketing students. The main idea was to mix different cultural backgrounds, counting with people from Sweden, Italy, Spain, Ireland and Venezuela. Also to mix different knowledge  in areas like graphic design, media design, marketing and art direction.
After the group was created, the need of an identity was imminet. I decided that not only a logotype or selection of colors was enough for the formal part of Colaboratorium. I wanted to work with different materials, to have different textures, cardboard, metal chains, papers, stickers.
This is a packaging that defines the own nature on the collective: eclectic, unique and surprising

via Lovely Package

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