This typeobsession: Evolution of Type by Andreas Scheiger

 Andreas Scheiger is graphic designer based in Vienna. His works focuses on experimental typography, letter sculpturing and vintage information rendering.

 Letters are organisms and typefaces are the species, all classified similar to biological taxonomy! I drafted this cognition in a chart for print and in order to prove my finding to the interested audience I took one step further. I surgically opened the letters S, Z, S, A, W and how contented I was to discover muscles, veins, tendons and bone just like the ones shared by so many living creatures.

Evolution of Type, Exhibits 1-5
Sculpting, Typography, Design
Sculptures of letters showing bones, veins, muscles and tendons.

These ones are my favourites, but he has many many more beautiful works with letters and you can check them out at his Portfolio and Website : Grafisches Labor Andreas Scheiger

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This typeobsession will be the name for the articles related to Typography.

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