7A: Oh Muffins (Hoodwinked 2)

First, Before even start to talk about Hoodwinked Too! Red Versus Evil (which I've re-watched Friday) I have to talk about Hoodwinked! - The True Story of the Red Riding Hood. It's a 2005 film and it was my film of the year 2007. I don't even know how many times I've seen it (yes, that many times, and probably a little bit more).


Curiously my favourite character it's not in the trailer so I introduce him in his best xD

The film story as you can see it's little to do with the original tale, but it's amazing. The Little Red Riding Hood is not a helpless child/girl, Granny is not a normal old lady, Wolf is not a bad wolf (and as a squirrel as his wingman). Granny have a big business where she makes and sells sweets, in a wood/ neighbourhood where everybody do sweets and candies and sell them. And Red as a job, she does the deliveries in her bicycle of the sweets. Until some day the recipes of everyone are being stolen. Wolf is a reporter and Twitchy (squirrel) photographer. And in big misunderstood end all in Granny's House. Oh and the Woodsman is an actor who likes to yodel. And there is also Flippers, the frog who is a detective.
The dialogues are HILARIOUS, with loads of puns and references to other things. (I've started to ear this in Portuguese, but ended up by liking much more the original version, because some of the translations are not that accurate, specially the puns part and also the music parts. - for instance there is a music that says "Red is Blue" and it only makes sense in English, the translation was not literal, but it sound much better in the original version.)
This is also a story that the villain it's the person you last expected, but if you paid really, but really a lot of attention you kind of "guess" it could be him, just because he appears in the 4 versions of stories. (Red, Wolf, Granny and Woodsman).

My favourite characters are Japeth, the Goat and Twitchy, the squirrel.

On the sequel, which is from 2011;

Hoodwinked Too! Red vs Evil

The sequel is in 3D, about the graphics I'm not sure which I like best, but maybe I like more the first one.
About the puns this one as a lot of other films references, not just in the puns but in the visuals and graphics too. 
I thankful that they have done this sequel, because by the end of the first film I want to know what happens next. 
In this film you can find the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk Tale (O João Pé de Feijão) and also the harp from the same tale. Oh you can also find Hansen and Gretel, Pigs, Yodelers (from the woodsman crew), a giant spider, an evil witch and a sisterhood of Hoods. Once again the villains are the ones that are not expect.   

Favourite line from the sequel: OH Muffins!! or OH Schnitzel!!
Favourite characters: Hansel and Gretel and the poor Goat (that in this film is never prepared and gets everything over him). The below scene is the one of the last with the goat. (And the Twitchy too, because in this film he is even better) (another extra, I also love that ogre that you can see in the end of the trailer, It's hilarious scene).

Oh can not forget this one: THE BEST Advice in the film! A good Granny advice.

And last but not the least: Best music from the film (Hayden Panettiere (actress from Heroes TV series) sings "I Can Do It Alone" in this music video for Hoodwinked Too! Hood Vs. Evil in 3D. )

Now I feel like watching the film again.
I could say much more about each one of the films, but I don't want to give it away the ending and the whole story. I literally could stay hours and hours talking and watching these films (I am that obsessed with them).
Go watch me and tell me what you think.
More about the films check IMDb Hoodwinked! or Hoodwinked Too!

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