Anatomy of a Book: Summer Books

Yesterday, I've receive what I considerer my last purchase of summer books. And I thought it was fun to share the books that I've bought. (and haven't read yet... ahaha epic FAIL)

1st of all (and I probably bought this one even before summer) this one is Desencuentros by Jimmy Liao, Taiwanese designer and Illustrator for Barbara Fiore Editora. This book was bought in one of my favourite bookshops, that I've already spook about before Histórias com Bicho near Óbidos. [i spoke about it in my Bites and Bits of my weekend 27/28 August] It's a specialized book store in children and youth books. This one totally caught my eye because of the soft watercolour illustrations, light but delicate text. I considered a graphic romance, because in the end it's a love story between two strangers that once met. Totally worth to have!
The following ones were bought in another favourite shop of mine, which is called Casa Ruim. Casa Ruim it's a Design and Illustration atelier and shop. It's located in my hometown (Torres Vedras), really near Lisbon, and in my opinion, it was something that this city really needed. It's shop with some vintage vibe and a contemporary twist. And it's a place were I found since kids books, comics, design and photography books, national zines, among some other things.

1st book it's a comic, called The Walking Dead - Volume 1 Dias Passados (Days Gone Bye), the story is written by Robert Kirkman and draw by Tony Moore, and it's from Devir. I really like comics, and I found interesting the line and graphic of this one, so I bring it home. Later I've made a connection with a TV series with the same name, that I'm willing to see. (Have you seen it? What do you think about it?)
On another visit to the shop I found this book really interesting, it's name is Cozinha Saloia - hábitos e práticas alimentares no termo de Lisboa, writen by Manuel Paquete, by Colares Editora. It's book about food and food practices around Lisbon area, it also has some traditional recipes. I think I might try some, one day.
The third book, was not bought at the shop, but in book fair in Santa Cruz, in the Casa Ruim stand. It's called Comidinhas anticrise, written by Maria Antónia Goes, by feitoria dos livros. Well Portugal is in crisis time, so what is more perfect than a book with special recipes to "survive" crisis? Plus, the design is so vintage style and funny with the ceramic pigs!!!

These last three I've ordered online by Saída de Emergência Editor. It's the third time this year that I order books by this publishing house website, and honestly every time it worked so well. First they always have discounts on books, second you don't pay any fee for the delivery, and third, so far, I've always been able to use the promotion buy two get three.
The first time I've ordered I've choose the book Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin, a novel by Norah Roberts, and a book by Anne Bishop (I've always wanted to read something of her) and I got for free a Patricia Brigss book called Moon Called (O Apelo da Lua).
The second time I didn't resist in buying the next two books of A Song of Ice and Fire (As Crónicas de Gelo e Fogo) and for free the I got the 4th book of the chronicles. (It was a really good deal! Now I need to finish read them and start to dream to buy the another 5 books of the same series. But while I wait I can always droll over the TV series of The Game of Thrones. I've saw half of the first season and it's very similar to the books. Oh april 2012 came soon, so I can see the second season).
About the actual books that I'm showing, the first one is from a real good comic writter, Alan Moore (the writer of comics like Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and V For Vendetta ), and I believe it's his first romance/novel. It was on sale and I was like, buy it now or don't buy it... So I bought it.
The middle one it's Blood Bound by Patricia Brigss. Yes I've mentioned her above. I really LOVED the book, I mean it's not a big book (neither this one) but it's different, and it as a heroine, you know girl power in the middle of a male dominate world, PLUS these books came with the original cover, which is illustrated by Dan Santos (Daniel dos Santos) which are absolutely amazing. I mean people say don't judge a book by it's cover, but this book, which such great graphics, yeah sure judge by the cover. It's amazing!
The third one it was the free one, and it's called Wicked Lovely - Amores Rebeldes, and it's by Melissa Marr. And I think it is about fairies. From the ones that I could choose seem to me the one that I would enjoy best.

What about you? Which books have you recently buy? And what type of book do you enjoy the most?

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