Inspiration for the WeekEnd 7/8

Sting in the ear | Easy way out - Gotye

A friend of mine shared with me the video-clip of Somebody That I used to Know by Gotye, I almost immediately stayed addicted to it, and to a few others by him. One video-clip and music that I've enjoyed very much is the below one.

Anatomy of a book | Lisey's Story - Stephen King

For some years I've been trying to buy Stephen King books. I don't find them very easily, and the times that I've find them neither I have money to buy them, or I find them kind of expensive. Last Tuesday I went to Lisbon, and in the subway there was a book fair, where I saw two books of Stephen King at very nice prices. I've brought with me Lisey's Story and Misery. I'm currently reading the first, and enjoying it.

Stephen King, A História de Lisey, Bertrand Editora | The cut in the book cover is super intriguing

Axis of Zoom | Monkey needs Friends

Hanging around my grandma's house I found a little yellow (silly) toy, that resembles a monkey. I've been taking some photos to it, might do a little series of photos with it.
The first one is at pensamento do dia. and it's called Monkey needs Friends.

Nerd Ink | Bunnies Week

Lately I've been unattached of internet. That gave me some time with my drawings. I've re-visited a few, finished others, started new ones.  I will be daily sharing the one I like most in my other blog [Scribling Drafts].
Since it's Easter time, and although I don't celebrate (the only celebration I usually do it's a Sunday lunch with close family, and exchange of chocolate season treats), I really like the easter bunny, and also the origin of this celebration. If my memory don't totally fails, the bunny and eggs were related with fertility rites, the whole celebration around spring and so on.
Because of that, I've been sharing loads of bunnies draw by me. [WIP'12 | Bunnies; Sketchbook'11 | Are you the Easter bunnie?; Illustration'12 | Spring Bunnie; Sketchbook'12 | Are you the Easter Bunnie?]
I think I have a couple more bunnies ready for the weekend, keep an eye on it, if you're curious.

Spring Bunnie | Have nice weekend and Easter.

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