Bites and Bits of My Weekend: 27/28 August

 This is post is really late in the week, yeah its mid time of the week, but I was waiting on some photos, and I wanted to write all down and well, and it took me more time than I thought.

What's best to start well the weekend than go take some photos to the Sunset, on a Friday evening?
While the sunset didn't come we lay down at esplanade and drink some refreshing sparkling water. I was a little in bad mood, but soon it was all gone, and I was enjoying being at the sand taking photos. It was cold, for a summer evening, but I was guessing that, and took two coats.
It was not the best sunset I've photographed ever, because it was slightly foggy, and the sun light was little weird because of the clammy weather (humidity), but I've managed to take some pictures.

On Saturday we woke up early, and went to Porto Novo (near Vimeiro), drink some coffee by the sea and have a little walk by the river (Sizandro's delta). I took the camera with me, but I've choose to draw a bit instead of taking pictures. Just some quick sketches (less than 10 or 5 minutes each).

We must have walked almost 4km, went lunch at home, and rest a bit. In the evening we decided to go to Foz do Arelho (Lagoa de Óbidos) and do another sunset. This one is quite different than the Friday one, because we can take photos with boats, and sometimes with luck to some birds. I was afraid that the light was the best, because I've never photograph this place with the summer light, but it worked well.

After the sunset we made a quick car picnic, with some chicken sandwiches and went to Óbidos. 
Well or should I say a mountain near Óbidos for a very special late evening. We went to hear story tellers. 
The place is special. It's an old 1st grade school that it is converted in a bookshop and in a small gallery. The bookshop is named of Histórias com Bicho (which as no charm at all in english, and I will dedicated a full post about it later). Oh take in mind this is a specialized bookshop, it's a children bookshop, with LOADS and LOADS of wonderful stories and some of the most beautiful illustrated books. And they were having one of the last events of O Bicharoco, 3º Ciclo de Leitura Animada (3rd Cycle of lively reading). This event was a Evening Tale (Serão de Contos), with three storytellers. (I would summarize it as: 3 storytellers, 6 stories, 1 evening). 

This is the ticket (ignore the background, it's just my agenda, which by the way I've bought in another all time favourite bookshop - among other things - Casa Ruim, and of which I will for certain talk about soon or later)
It was GREAT, although the cold, because it was outside in the school patio. 
The 1sr storyteller was António Fontinha (portuguese), 2nd Manuel Sevilhano (spanish, from the other side of the Guadiana river) and 3rd Charo Pita (Galician). 
António Fontinha start with tale that talked about two Portuguese animals: fox and wolf, his second story was about a fisherman and his wife. Manuel Sevilhano 1st story was about dreams, and that no matter how much time we take to materialize them, the important is keep believing. His second story was inspired by the really cold night, and it was the kidnap of Spring by Winter. Charo Pita (the only lady in the storytellers group) told one version of one of my favourite Russian tales, which is Vasilisa (it as many names, sometimes is known as Vasilisa and her doll). I really liked the way Charo Pita told the story, because she used instruments as sound resources, and it helped a lot to catch peoples attention. Her second story is harder to explain, but the main focus is a dialogue among a prince and young lady, where he asks her "-How many petals exist in that vase?", she ask him "-How many stars are in the sky, and how many stones are in the soil?", and he asks her again "-And the kiss to the fishmonger, was bad or good?" and she ask him "-And the kiss to the donkey was on the lips or in the ass?". It's a really funny story, with a happy end, in the fairytale style.

Left picture is a photo of the outside of the bookshop, the right one is a photo of the before of the Tales session. You see a group of people near the light, which are the storytellers. (Photos took by Armando Fernandes)

Sunday was a regular sunday, lunch with grandma and the rest at the day at home between tv and pc. So no record of that.
Have a nice rest of week ;) 
Have plans for the next weekend?

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