Sting in the ear: Patti Smith

«Patti Smith (born December 30, 1946) is an American singer-songwriter, poet and visual artist, who became a highly influential component of the New York City punk rock movement with her 1975 debut album Horses.Called the "Godmother of Punk", her work was a fusion of rock and poetry. Smith's most widely known song is "Because the Night", which was co-written with Bruce Springsteen.» via wikipedia

Recently I've received a newsletter from a website called Blitz, which is a Portuguese, music related, magazine, It talked about versions of "Smells like teen spirit" music of Nirvana. I must confess that I don't know many versions, maybe I didn't knew any versions (besides the original one) of the music. But some days ago I was searching on Youtube and I found a Patti Smith version that I absolutely LOVED.
Not just the way she interpret the music, but also the music video.

As I have mentioned in the yesterday's post, I was thinking in categorizing the blog posts. This one will be the first. Sting in the Ear will be the name for the article or blogs posts related to Music.

The article I was referring to is:  Qual é a pior versão de todos os tempos? "Smells Like Teen Spirit" por Miley Cyrus, dizem leitores da Rolling Stone
Reading better the article, it was not about what I was thinking it was. It is about covers done by artists. But anyway, what was important was showing other thing.

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