Quick Update

It's been a while since last post something. Last "school" year was kind of crazy.
I've been almost 6 months living abroad in Germany. It was fun, I've met a lot of people from a lot of places, America, Spain, Finland, South Korea,  Costa Rica. (juts to name the ones I remember). It was my first semester as master student, and I was bit lost, didn't know very well what I was going to do, and also being away from my comfort zone, didn't helped much to that sense of feeling lost.
I was studying in a small town Schwäbisch Gmünd, near Stuggart, in the south of Germany. I didn't travel a lot, but managed to go to Nürnberg, Munich, Stuggart and Frankfurt. I've stopped posting in January by the time I had to write and finish the work that I was going to be evaluated for. 

Return to Portugal, just in time for Carnival and school again. I've barely stop between semesters. Couple days after I arrive my father almost go blind, just like that, out of nowhere. It was a Sunday and we went to see the sea in St. Cruz (a beach near where I live) and we arrive home he was like that. It was really scary. The next month and so was totally craze between starting my second semester at the master, meeting new folks, adjust myself to a group already shaped, and also dealing with my fathers goes to doctor and his operation. Fortunately, the operation went well, he was operated again at the same eye (right one) again in June, and in the beginning of September will be operated to the left eye. Everything is working well.

 My second semester was crazy with a lot of works, and honestly I wish I've worked more to some of them, but I think I was just not in the mood. 
Has I see the semester going, I was getting more nervous, because, I didn't knew what I was going to do for the next year. If was going to write a thesis, to do a project or try to stage at some company. For awhile I wanted to work at some company, you know, to gain some experience and so. But I made that decision too late, and I wasn't finding anything that I like, so I decided a different way. I've decided do a project.
I'm so excited about it! I'm going to do a book with Portuguese Folk Tales (from the oral tradition) and illustrate them (in a "Portuguese" style). I'm sure I will share more things about as long as I start it.

I have the idea to revive this blog again, with daily or more weekly posts, and with thematic and categorised  posts. I don't know yet in which language I will keep it. Portuguese or English. Somethings are easier to me in English, because of the sources, but the most historical stuffs that I have in the blog are in Portuguese. I really don't know. But it's something to decide later. 
I think the blog itself needs a new re-style, with a new header and so on. Stay tuned ;)
So this is just a quick update and to tell a little of what is going in my live.

Tumblr: I'm not afraid of the dark

Oh, in June I've started a tumblr blog, which works to me as inspirational source of images, If you like to check it it's I'm not afraid of the dark (and I like the monsters under my bed)
I've had a Facebook account just for the blog, but It was not working for me, and since I was not blogging at all I've decided to delete it. I might create another one that gathers both Blogspot Blog and Tumblr 

It's all for now

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