Books I've read so far this year (16)

For the second year I'm setting a reading goal through my Goodreads.
Last year I've setted a certain goal and when I reach it I change it for more. It happened a couple of times. I ended up to read 57 books last year.
This year I'm starting with 50 books goal. I've already read 16 books, but that's only because I've re-read a few books and read a lot of comics. I've been noticing that my reading pattern changed a lot through out the years. At the moment I feel that I rarely have time to read. So I started to listen to audio books. This way I can preform certain tasks or just draw while listening to any book I want.

With that in mind I've started three different book series.

1) His Dark Materials Trilogy by Philip Pullman that I've started many years ago, but never finished. The first book is The Golden Compass. I have to confess that I've really liked it much more this time than the first time I've read it. You can read my full review here. [I haven't seen it yet, but there is a film inspired in the first book, with the actors Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. I don't think I will see the film, at least until I've finished the series.]

2) I started to read the long A Series of Unfortunate Events back in the days they we're launch in Portugal. Probably one decade ago. I've read the two first books and then was never able to find them all available. They are in total 13 books. The first one is The Bad beginning. It was just as I remembered it. I've started the second one two which is called The Reptile Room, but haven't finished it yet. It's written by Lemony Snicket. [there is also a film inspired by these series with the actor Jim Carrie on the role of Count Olaf. I have mixed feelings about the book. This time when I was reading/listening to this book I kept going for the film imagery and I wasn't happy with it. I like to imagine the details and all the quirks by my own head. It was a struggle to forget all about the film]

3) I've delayed starting to read this series for years. Mainly because I thought I wouldn't like it. Which is very weird, because I love thrillers and cops/detectives shows/books, and strong female characters, besides sassy romance. And these books have it all! Besides they are written by one of my favourite romance novels Norah Roberts. These books are set in the future and follow NY detective Eve Dallas. Of course there are few clichés, like the ongoing romance with one of the most mysterious and richest men of (at least) NY. But I really enjoyed the mystery part of the police work. This one is the first book, it's the Naked in Death. There are almost 40 books in this series, and the series it's called In Death... How can someone write 40 books and have in death in all tittles? I don't know how the author does, but it works. I'm looking forward to keep reading these books.

4) The first Graphic Novel/Comic that I've read was The Psycho. What really caught my eye was the amazing art it as. I love it! The story is right up my alley, though it's kind of hard to explain it. You can know more about it in Goodreads.

5) Willow Wonderland, if you're recognizing it from Buffy the vampire slayer TV show, then you're right. I was never a big fan of the Buffy show. I watched it sometimes though. My favourite characters were Willow and Spike. I was very curious about these comics inspired by the show. I wasn't disappointed with the story and with the artwork either.

6) Another comic inspired by another TV show Dollhouse. These comics happen after the events of the TV show, that's why it's called Dollhouse Epitaphs.  I liked the story, but the artwork was a little bit disappointing sometimes. Other than that it would had helped me if remembered a little bit more about the characters and the show, which I didn't. There was no back story, the authors simply assumed that you knew all about Dollhouse.

7) Rat Queens! Oh my GOD, where do I begin? It's worth all the hype I've seen. Awesome artwork! Loved the characters, they quirky personalities. The story! And even the cliffhanger in the end. Can't wait to either pick the next single issues or wait for volume two.

8) Locke & Key - Welcome to Lovecraft. I don't like the first book. At all. I love the concept. The whole story. But I'm not fan of the first book. I have mixed feelings about the inside artwork too. Will see it's a working in progress I guess. (I've read another one from the Locke & Key series, and I had a very different opinion, that's why I think I don't like this one because it's the first book, and there is a of things being build (story, world, background story, characters and so on).

9) The Strain. You already know that I've been obsessing over this book. I'm waiting for the originals to arrive. You can read more about the comics here, and how I'm waiting for the books here.

10) Locke & Key - Guide to the Known Keys - I absolutely LOVED this one. From artwork to the side story. Probably it wasn't suppose to be read before you go further in the series, because in the final part of book there is glossary of the keys with some minor spoilers (but I'm okay with that).

11) Marvel 1602 was a re-read. I love the artwork, it's a different than the usual from Marvel.

12) Van Helsing's Night Off it's hilarious. Little short stories told only in images.

13) Polar Shift by Clive Cussler was a re-read.

14) Murder of the Vicarage (A Miss Marple Mistery) by Agatha Christie was also a re-read

15/16) 20 Ways to Draw a Cat and 20 Ways to Draw a Dress were two cute books with different styles of drawings. They are references for any artist.

Happy Readings!!

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