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I've been really busy with exciting projects and I wasn't able to get some time to blog. And oh boy how I miss it.

One of this projects is a partnership with my best friend. We got together and created the Nuts for Paper brand and all the notebooks and other paper ephemera. We recently opened our Etsy Shop, though we are just starting I'm always thinking about new products and new ideas to spice it all up. We are also preparing a exhibition for september and I am beyond excitement.

Besides all that I'm also working as freelancer designer.
I'm happy. And I will be even happier when I can conciliate everything together and go back to blogging every week.

I had this in mind for a couple weeks already, and little by little started to change the layouts and organizing better my blogs. Because I can't have just one, and I don't want to mix different things, like inspiration images (that belong to I'm not afraid of the dark and to Pinterest), my photo diary and my drawing/illustrations. I just feel that they don't belong together.
Last night I was playing with the new layouts for the blogs.

Scribbling Drafts \\ Illustration & Drawings 
Octo vel Octoginta \\ Photography Dairy
I'm always changing my mind about the layouts in the blogs. However I tend to gravitate more into a more minimalist layouts, where the content and mainly the images are the king/queen of the posts.

For now, they'll remain like this. But in a couple of months... who knows?

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See you soon

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