7A | Brave

Sometimes I feel like releasing my inner child and watch cartoon movies.
And then I see movies like Brave, that gathers a few things that I LOVE - leading female role, curly redhead, great graphics, relatable characters, funny characters (like the chiefs of the clans, Merida little triplet brothers and her father) and it all happens in a celtic land (and that almost equals perfection in my dictionary).
The accents in the english version are amazing, and I refuse myself to see it in any other language.
And then you have the whole music... my favourite it's the Song of Mor'du, it's perfect to me, because reminds me many of the books that I've read that are supposed to happen in a celtic era, and it translate how I imagine the music that they use to sing.

It's a kind of film I know I will be watching again, and again, and again....

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