Inspiration for the WeekEnd 5/6

I confess that I don't feel prepared for this weather, rain, then sun, then super cloudy and more rain, oh and wind. It's crazy! I want to use winter clothes, but then I feel to warm, but if I don't use "rain" clothes, I will stay all wet! Oh well... I don't mind the rain, I just would like that would only rain when I'm at home, and not just when I leave home.

It's one of my daily obsessions of read online. The blog from the amazing Claudia (aka Twiggs). I adore her writing and also her photography. Really worthy to visit. a place for twiggs I found her blog, maybe two months ago, and since then it as been a constant reading.

Autumn inspiration wall
Autumn inspiration wall By Mundo Flo (Adriana Oliveira)
don't want you to wake up.
don't want you to wake up. By Adara Sánchez Anguiano.
How much I like you.
How much I like you By .YOKOO Gibraan

my own photography

these photos were taken last sunday afternoon, and I've called them Fall Vineyards
Fall Vineyards - Leaves

Fall Vineyards - Blue Sky
Fall Vineyards - Blue Sky

Sting in the ear - Patrick Wolf

The Falcons by Patrick Wolf

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