Bites and Bits of My Weekend

So, as you can notice, I've change the blog layout a bit. The organisation it's pretty much the same, just the header and background have changed. I feel this way is way more clean.

What do you thing of the new header?

I was kind of absent this weekend, was working on a personal project. Nothing very fancy or so, just doing some DIY lightbox for myself. I'm so excited, I can't wait to finish it.
I went and bought almost all the materials yesterday and start to construct it and painting it, with help from my dad. And yesterday it was all fine, the weather was ok, the sun timidly came through the clouds, it was kind of warm. The paint dry really well, I was even able to apply two coats. Put today, oh well, today it as been total different, it's raining like hell, and there is a lot of storms around. (poor granny, she is so afraid of them). With this it means everything is kind of wet and really hard to dry. (oh well but what could you expect for the southern wind. OH north winds when will you came back? - well if you don't know, where I live, most of the time there is north winds, it's lightly cold sometimes, or even really cold, but its the normal around. Everything goes crazy and storm when the winds come from south).
Oh yeah, was saying that I was building a lightbox... here are some pictures of what I've done so far.

So as you can see in the first picture, it's a frame that we've made, and I painted with paint for wood. In the rest of the photos are some of the materials that we are going to use.
If everything goes well on wednesday or thursday I will have my lightbox made.

Recently I've also starting to be kind of obsess with christmas gifts. I've almost have bought everything. Now it's time to start to thing about some fun and creative packagings. I've been seeing some card or paper diy boxes, and that's probably what I'm going to do.
My latest purchase were these beautys

These are soap, from a portuguese manufactured. They are made with coconut oil, and these ones smell like Plum, Lemon and Peaches. I've been wanted to offer these ones for a real long time, and now it's time. Where I've bought these ones, were the only available, put in other shops exist really neat and vintage like soaps of this brand. I almost felt tempted to have them for myself, but no, not this time.

And you, are you already programming your christmas gifts?
Hope you had a nice weekend, and I which you a lovely week.
Oh, and if you have time go and check my art/drawing blog, I've launched it this week. Scribbling Drafts

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