Torres Vedras | Carnival'13 - Reciclagem

Ecoponto Verde | Carnaval Torres Vedras - 2013
 This year the theme of the Carnival was Recycling. Thought it might sound a hard theme to came up with a mask there were some nice and creative ones.
I've only seen one of the parades, although I've been in all of them (except the sunday one), which was the Friday one, were all kids from the city and surroundings mask them self.

I was quite busy, that's it took me so long to post theses photos, and also why (sadly) I don't have more.

Ecopontos Amarelo | Carnaval Torres Vedras - 2013

Birds | Carnaval Torres Vedras - 2013

Sad Clown?! | Carnaval Torres Vedras - 2013
and my favourite photograph | Divers | Carnaval Torres Vedras - 2013

2 comentários:

  1. Essa última fotografia está qualquer coisa! E essa menina se já tem esse estilo todo agora imagina quando crescer :)

    1. Estive bastante a tentar fotografá-la, foi um rosto que se destacava da multidão! Oh se imagino!! :)