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Óbidos | 08.Feb
It as been a long time since the last update.
So much as happen since then. This is the problem of keeping a blog... or pretty much anything in my life. I started, I have good and nice intentions to keep doing it, but something come up, and I leave it for tomorrow, and then for another day... and another... when I have notion weeks might have passed... or even months.
Last update was in the beginning of the month, I was supper excited with Briana's visit, and meeting her friends Sabrina and Karlijn.
They came for the Carnival, and it was great! As I knew they were food lovers (just like me) I've manage to arrange as much of traditional dishes for them to try. Things like shrimp rice and rabbit rice, portuguese cheese and wine, cod, corn bread, green broth, sponge cake... and couple of more things. I hope they've enjoyed as much I did.
Although the good company, the weather was not the nicest thing ever. For the couple first days they stayed with me, it was ok, cold and windy (as usually at this time of the year) but with sun peaking though the clouds. The last day was rainy and cloudy, just like a really winter day.
I didn't photograph much on these days, I focus more on having a good time, and of course... eating.

Sabrina, Briana and Karlijn | Óbidos | 08.Feb
I was hoping that I could enjoy the rest of the carnival, but the weather didn't agreed with me. Monday night was rainy, and though I was with a crazy (fluorescent pink) wig and weather protect, my friends weren't. We have to choose, end the carnival or celebrate it indoors. We did the second one. As we did on Tuesday.
After that I considered myself on holidays (like I have done very much!) and stay at home in my pyjamas for whole day! As I've been obsessed with The Lord of the Rings, with the OST of the movies, I read the books. By that time I've finished the first one, and started the second. (It's a slow progress, because I want to enjoy it as much as I can).

Eternal number 8 | Óbidos | 08.Feb
I've been considering and over thinking the purchase of a tablet. It's easy to transport and take anywhere, I could read the thousands of pdf's books that I own, yadyada... blablabla.
The big problem as always been the price, and if I really want to use that money for that.
Finally I've manage to decide in purchasing one. It's not top market, or super duper anything. But it works and even have a quirky name/brand/model - it's a Dino.
So now I have my own personal dinosaur!!! How could I resist, right? And all that without having to break my piggy bank. Superb!

Óbidos | 08.Feb
This past week (18th to 24th Feb) as been a mixed feelings one. A lot of work and dreams were on the table. But things move so slow! that it can get a bit frustrating. I've basically focus on this one thing that I really want to work, but at the same time I felt that I wasn't going very further, which lead to feel unproductive and trap too. Pulling me to try (one more time) to do more than one thing at once.  Try to balance a bunch of my dreams and projects in one plate, and at the same time try to feel productive and happy at the same time.
For the next week I've challenged myself to do things differently, I will be working to keep myself on track. (but - as usually - I don't have much faith in me and in self imposed things).
Until the next time ;)

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