Sting in the ear | Portugal the Man

Portugal. The Man is an American rock band based in Portland, Oregon, but originally from Wasilla, Alaska.
Lead singer John Gourley creates all the art work for every album cover, t-shirt and tour poster.
The band left Alaska and went to Portland with the intent of recording and touring. The band recorded demos in the summer of 2004 and followed this with a tour with Chiodos that fall.
The Man's debut record Waiter: "You Vultures!" was released by Fearless Records on January 24, 2006.

I found this band last year through Facebook. Some friend share one of their musics, and I got curious and started to look more things.
Their name was what caught my eye, you know Portugal, I had to know a little bit more about them. I found that I enjoy their music, a lot. Not just the CD versions of the music, but the also the live, and specially the acoustic versions. Some of theirs acoustic versions are absolutely magic!!
Below are some of my favourites musics.


People Say

Do You

Everyone is Golden


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