Bites and Bits of My Weekend | 25/26

So this was kind of busy and also a bit symbolic weekend.
On Saturday it was the end of workshop about write and illustration giving by Isabel Minhós Martins (writing) and Madalena Matoso (illustration), both co-founders of publishing house Planeta Tangerina. It as been wonderful experience, during the month of February (on Saturdays), this workshop. It help me a lot see things with other eyes, and another perspective. Totally worthy it!! I've also met some cool people there, which is always a big plus when we go for this kind of events.
Tomorrow starts the 2nd semester, and I'm still a little stuck with my master project, but I hope during this next couple weeks a finally but myself together and actually do something! Oh I'm also starting some new classes, more Illustration classes! This school year it's really becoming the workshop year! Which is wonderful in my point of view. I've totally done, so far, two (one about general illustration, and this one mentioned above). Back in October I've started one of drawing and that it's going to last all year (until the end of June), and tomorrow I'll be starting one about illustration! I'm really excited!

That summarizes my state of mind, and also my weekend!
Today was more a relaxing day, the morning was spend by the sea practising some photography, the lunch was late and at my grandma's house. The rest of the day was plain boring with me organizing some things for the week.
I think that's all for the day, Have a nice week!!! & enjoy some of my photos from today.

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