I can walk for miles and miles

I was reading How to Master The Shoes Selfie when I remember to talk about my new sandals.
I know I know the Summer is almost over. But I've been on the hunt for some sandals for a long while.
I knew what I wanted but I was having troubles in finding specially in a price range I could afford.

I've been fan of the Fly London shoes for a few years. (If I could I would have all of my shoes by that brand). Their shoes can have funky colours, wierd shapes and when you walk (in the ones I've tried) it looks like you're flying! I know it's cheesy, and I promise this is not even sponsored, it's how nice this shoes and sandals are to my feet.

This might be a bit TMI but my feet are very flat, so I always need to have some sort of support under the feet so I can stand walk and put my feet on the ground for even short periods of time.

Fly London thought have many of their shoes been produced in Portugal, it's not a very affordable brand, but sometimes the craftsmen and the sole quality make it worth the price.

I have a platform shoes from the brand in black that I love. Unfortunately I can't say that I use them a lot. In the past couple years if I used them once it was too much. Because they weren't the cheapest thing I tend to think that they are my fancy shoes, while I should think that they should be more like my regular shoes. But I'm running away from the subject.

Fly London Woman's Bow Gladiator Sandals

I was browsing in Amazon.uk and these sandals were on sale for a very good price. For a bit I was sorry it wasn't the teal version the one with the best price, but then I remembered that one of my favourite sandals ever where actually in brown, and that I've wear them to death. Besides I have a lot of bags in brown. And Brown it's almost a neutral colour and goes with most of the colours.

I was concern about the sizing, because I had to buy them in UK size, and I didn't know if they were a true size. It turn out they are true size (like I was hoping them to be). The first day I wear them I might have walked a little to much. I had a blister in each feet, but I've walked so well, that I was too much wowed to even bother about the blisters. The second time I used them they didn't bother me at all.

It was such a bargain, the perfect model of sandals (in my opinion) from one of my favourite brands, with such rich and beautiful colour (it's way prettier in life than in the website) and that make me feel I can walk for miles!

Photo took with my phone.

*this post it's not sponsored, just my true opinion and feelings about my new sandals!

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