At this time of the year many people wish good things that the new year shall bring. I have no idea what this new year will bring.

What I hope to act this year is totally different thing.
I hope to stand my ground, and keep the promises I make to myself.
I'll be 25, and I hope, that  even before that I start to work on fulfilling some of my dreams and personal projects.

(I know that won't be easy, mainly because it's hard for me to keep the promises and commitments that I made with myself, the others and the commitments I made with others come in first place. Saying no, and I can't to the others hasn't being an option, but will have to be sometimes. Other way it won't be possible to achieve my goals. - and I have so many of them. So many that I have been postponing just because of this and that and others.)

but things might change... if i stand my ground...

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